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Post by KT    #111189    |    Oct 25, 2013, 12:11am   |    Entertainment
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Today's smart phone have multiple tools and devices all packed into one gadget, leading to a revolution in terms of how we absorb data.

One by-product of this is that items which have been part of our person for decades, even centuries, have now become obsolete.

A poll by The Star Online reveals the once-popular items that readers have learnt to live without.

Check out our list of the top devices readers no longer use thanks to the emergence of the handy smart phone.

1) Alarm clocks and watches

Who needs a watch when you can pull out your phone to check the time, or even set an alarm to get you up in the morning? Among our respondents, 21% stated that they don’t use alarm clocks or watches.

2) Cameras and video recorders

Many people are ditching their cameras and video recorders and turning to their smart phone to capture images. The quality in some of the high-end smart phones is also pretty decent and apps to edit the photo on your phone are also easily available. Our poll reveals that 19% of respondents no longer use their cameras or video recorders.

3) GPS device

Almost all smart phones have built-in or downloadable GPS navigation technology. That way we can have a GPS unit wherever we go and receive driving instructions straight from our mobile. That is why 15% of our respondents do longer use a GPS device.

4) Portable music player

How many of us still use a separate device for music? More and more people are using their smart phones to listen to music, especially since we can easily plug in our headphones into our phones. The poll showed 13% of our respondents use their smart phones as a music player rather than carrying around a whole other electronic device.

5) Portable gaming device

Smart phone users now have a huge variety of games to choose from, causing 10% of our respondents to render portable gaming devices obsolete.

6) Desktop computer

With smart phones having email, word processing and Internet search capabilities, 8% of respondents opt to use high-end smart phones instead of desktop computers.

7) Tablet device

With tablets having almost all of the same features as a smart phone, 8% of our respondents no longer find the need to use tablet devices.

8) E-book reader

Many smart phones now have e-book readers built into the phone, enabling users to read novels and books with their mobile phone. Some 6% of our respondents no longer carry separate gadgets for reading their electronic books.

9) Land lines

How many households do you know who still use landlines? While landlines keep callers tethered, our mobile phones give callers the freedom to move around. Leaving this device another potential item that has been made obsolete by smart phone users.

10) Paper calendars

With calendars, planners and organizers all linked to our smart phone, the paper calendars are now another potential item deemed obsolete by smart phone users.

While many people still use some of the items in the list above, there is no doubt that the smart phone has made our life significantly easier and convenient with the variety of tools available on one electronic device.

Source: The Star Online

はなびし カイ   #112663   
25 March 2014, 10:46:46 pm
1. The Sony has made Smart Watch and 1 of 3 american smart phone user are using Sony Smart Watch...
2. Camera still in power... Phones camera cannot replace the power of DSLR...
5. Portable gaming device obsolete? are you sure about that? PS VITA still ruling the portable gaming... No Smart phone in this world can give the pleasure of high end game... playing candy crush does not mean you are gamers!!!
6. Oh really? tell that to a programmer...
7. 65% of smart phone user still using tablet... and 2% of it stop using tablet... i wonder it is true or not?
8. Tell that to Amazon Kindle... they will give u an answer...
9. Most of the company still using land line for calling, fax &etc... Land line always better than air line...
well Smart phone will never replace those things above... why? Smart phones has limitation... if someone create Neuro Linker then that is a different story...
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