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What is the meaning of 'PaSangLang'?
'PaSangLang' (吧生人) is actually a hokkien word. While Hokkien is the main chinese dialect in Klang. 'PaSang' in Hokkien means Klang and 'Lang' means people. Therefore when we say 'PaSangLang', we are referring to the Klang people.

What is PaSangLang.COM
We are popular and fast-growing Malaysian information portal with social networking features, that primarily shares important information regarding the happenings around the Malaysian town of Klang. We gladly encourage all Klang-ites to head over to our website in order to contribute any info pertaining to Klang. In short, if you need to know anything about Klang, PaSangLang.com is the definitive place to be!

You are welcomed to post any topic related to Klang on our website as well.

Our History & Achievement
PaSangLang.com, established in April 2013, within 1 years, our platform has reach 30 thousands unique visitors and 100 thousands page views each month. In addition, our Facebook fans has remarkably reached 25 thousands family members on 2014.

Our vision & mission
Our objective is very simple, to provide anything related to Klang! To be a useful platform for all Klang people and create something that everyone will want to use on a daily basis. Our mission is to make PaSangLang.com a household name, particularly in Klang, whereby if anyone needs to know anything at all about Klang, then PaSangLang.com will be the first place they can go to for guidance!

Let's help the Klang Community get closer and connected !
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