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Post by Administrator   #111157    |    Aug 16, 2015, 12:07pm   |    Community & Awareness
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14 August 2015

THERE used to be a road lined with trees in my housing area. The trees provided shelter from the heat and it was a really lovely road to drive in. It is called Persiaran Seraya, which is a nice name, as the English translation of “persiaran” could be “tour” or “excursion”.

However, recently, I was horrified to discover that the Klang Municipal Council had chopped down nearly all the trees there. The bareness and starkness of it just cut me to the heart.

The funny thing is that everyone complains of how hot it is getting, that global warming is getting worse.

But what do people do?

First, they chop down trees, which provide oxygen as well as shade, besides having a cooling effect on the environment.

Then, they install air-conditioners at home, which raise the temperature of the surrounding area in the long term, and provide relief only for the short term in a limited space.

These air-conditioners consume electricity and, indirectly, contribute to global warming. What an inspiring thing to do.

Let us all continue to do that and ensure that the earth continues to be ruined further until all that’s left are buildings instead of green trees.

Is it any wonder then that there is so much dystopian fiction right now, when people have such environmentally-unfriendly mindsets?

What is so wrong with leaving trees alone?

Some trees have grown for years, decades, even centuries?

Trees don’t do us any harm but, instead, provide so many benefits, one of which we could not even live a minute without: oxygen.

Sure, some people may say: “These trees are dangerous; they can fall during thunderstorms and take out utility poles.”

Well, if we would only take better care of the trees and let them grow strong and tall, the likelihood of them falling down would decrease.

These under-appreciated wonders of nature are stronger than we can imagine.

Let them grow above utility poles so that their branches won’t interfere with wires.

Trees aren’t for the countryside. They belong in cities as well.

London has lots of trees. Those trees are maintained, cultivated and loved.

Cities need trees. Have you ever heard about this little problem called Pulau Haba Bandar (Urban Heat Island)? It refers to a city or metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activity. Sounds familiar?

However, if you think Malaysia can’t be like London, then look to Singapore.

They don’t chop down trees willy-nilly there.

The roads are shaded with lovely huge raintrees, which, coincidentally, we also possess in abundance, but apparently happen to enjoy cutting down.

They have lots of utility poles there, but they do not lack trees, either. Malaysians need to be more aware of this environmental problem, and the city councils in particular, as they are the ones who have a say in chopping down these beautiful trees.

Public consciousness has to be awakened to the importance of trees in their neighbourhoods.

Trees aren’t a nuisance. They are life-sustainers.

Until people realise that, the environmental problems we’ve been facing for years are never going to improve.

Humans will continue ruining this earth, and everyone will be delighted and not complain or rue their mistakes then, right?



Source: NST Online
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