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Post by zojana   #120093    |    Jun 27, 2019, 4:34am   |    Entertainment
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The martingale system for roulette exists almost as much as the roulette itself – that is more than a hundred years. Unlike many strategies designed for use in traditional casinos and no longer relevant with the advent of online games, the martingale system is still effective, although it has a fairly high degree of risk. It can be used not only in roulette, but also in many other casino games. And the most important advantage of this method is that in a short gaming session it allows you to "compensate" the advantage of the casino and leave the institution with a guaranteed profit. It is worth noting at once, however, that neither martingale nor any other strategy of the game will not be able to help the player "bypass" the advantage of the casino for a long period of time – so it is best to use such systems in PinUp slots a short gaming session.

Another advantage of this strategy game of roulette is its amazing simplicity – apparently, no wonder they say that "all genius is simple". The principle of the martingale method is available for understanding even for those who have never played roulette for real money or virtual currency. All you need to do, adhering to this system – is over and over again to bet on the same field (suitable for any option bet on equal chances, but most players bet on red or black), doubling the size of the bet in case of each loss. Thus, the sequence of increasing the size of the bet in the case of a long unsuccessful streak will be as follows: 1-2-4-8-16-32-... And any subsequent winning after the failure strip will not only compensate for all the costs of betting on previous spins, but also to get a guaranteed profit of 1 unit.

The advantage of the martingale system is its versatility. The duration of the game session can be any – the main thing is not too big, so that the player does not face the effect of the casino advantage in action. This strategy can be followed in two ways: either after each win, move to the beginning of the progression, starting the sequence "from scratch", or continue the started sequence. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

In the first variant, the player starts with a bet of 1 unit and plays exactly until he gets the first win, after which the total profit of the game session will also be 1 unit. After that, you need to start a new sequence – that is, again return to the size of the bet in 1 unit. The advantage of this option is the minimum risk: since the player increases the bets slightly, there is no danger of encountering table limits that limit the maximum bet size. The disadvantage is that the profit will be very small – only 1 unit for each series of several spins, since the payout on equal chances bets is very modest 1 to 1.

In the second option, the player continues to increase the size of the bet until he gets the desired amount of profit – or he will not face the limits of the table, which is very likely and is the main disadvantage of this approach. A high degree of risk, however, is justified by a very large gain. As the player constantly increases bets and at the same time at least occasionally wins, the total profit of the game session gradually accumulates.

If the budget and table limits set by the casino allow, then this option of martingale system for roulette, of course, is preferable.
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