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Post by Anas Zen   #120881    |    Sep 23, 2019, 11:17pm   |    Entertainment
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On this Happy New Year forget all your sorrows, past and every problem and go get a life with your best friend. Celebrate this New Year like you never had. Start this New Year with someone you called your best friend and then you will see the magic of this upcoming New Year 2020. Best friend is the person who has a special place in everyone's life and has a special place in everyone's heart. Best friend is the person from which we share everything of our life like every small detail of our life. Best friend is like a magic in our life. Whenever we need someone we have a special person in our life called best friend.

Best Ideas to celebrate New Year 2020

1) Recreate your childhood memories-

On this New Year, try to recreate your childhood memories and live them again in the same way like childhood. Go to your school or play those stupid games or you can watch your favorite cartoons all the day with your best friends. Happy New Year 2020 is something which told us that it's time to make a new start of your life. But this idea of celebrating New Year with your best friend is definitely amazing.

2) Explore historical places-

I know this sounds weird like who would do this boring thing on New Year 2020. But with best friend what is more interesting than go to a haunted fort and spend time with your own ghost best friend. Believe me, this is most interesting thing you can do on Happy New Year. Go and explore those historical places on New Year and have fun with your best friend. Live your life on your own terms and conditions.

3) Throwing a party-

Plan to throw a party of your theme and invite all yours friends in that. You and yours best friend make all preparations of party. This is the party which you always want to go with your best friend. Then why not you and your best friend throw that party. Invite all your childhood friends and make this Happy New Year 2020 your best new year ever.

4) Dance like crazy-

Only your best friend knows how bad you are in dance. So, why you care about anyone just go to any New Year party you like or any dance party and dance like crazy with yourself best friend. He is the one who takes ugly snaps of you post that stuff. With best friend we can be what we are. No fake personality, no fake promises just live your life at its fullest.

Just select any ideas from and spend your New Year in best way. Pray for good in this upcoming year. If you have any ideas then post it in the comment section below this post. If you like this post does share it with your friends and spread the happiness. May you will get all the happiness and blessings.

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