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Embryo Rice Machine 胚芽米機 - prevention of diabetes
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Post by Gary Tay   #116779    |    Jun 07, 2017, 2:55pm   |    Health & Wellness
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16 Benefits of Embryo Rice

  1. Prevent diabetes
  2. To prevent heart disease, hypertension and stroke
  3. Clean up the colon to relieve constipation, weight loss results
  4. Anti-aging: Protein and vitamins will whitening, anti-free radical aging. Our face become more lubrication flexible.
  5. Reduce urine acid: the embryo rice helps to break down the body excrete uric acid
  6. Promote the development of the brain
  7. Prevent the learning ability
  8. Prevent edema by vitamin B1
  9. Prevent anemia by unsaturated acid, folic acid taro acid and enzyme classes
  10. Prevent arthritis: embryo rice rich in vitamin B complex, E and calcium can help arthritis.
  11. Improve the function of pregnancy
  12. Strengthen liver function
  13. Prevent cancer by vitamin E
  14. Prevent cataract by selenium
  15. Reduce cholesterol
  16. Prevent beriberi

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The Importance of Embryo Rice for the Elderly:

Rice’s embryo and zinc can enhance immunity, can prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, prostatic hypertrophy, diabetes and so on. The fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation. Calcium can prevent osteoporosis.

The Important for Infants and Adolescents

Calcium helps in the growth and development of teeth and bones. Zinc which promotes the brain development of infants and young children. Vitamin B1 stabilize the brain & metal.

 Embryo Rice Benefits for Women and Men

  • Protein and vitamins: anti-aging, whitening.
  • Potassium: avoid constipation
  • Fibre: help for bowel & weight loss.
  • Vitamin E & Zinc improve pregnancy and reproductive function.
  • Vitamin E slow the aging process. Promote reproductive function and produce normal sperm, increase endurance.
  • Cellulose: to strengthen the liver and rid the body of toxins.

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Why Embryo rice has to be hulled and eaten instantly?
Embryo and bran of rice grain not only nutritious but contain high-oxidants like Active Vitamin E, Inositol, Hydrochloric Acid, Non-Saturated Fatty Acid and other functional nutrients.  Cooked brown rice couldn’t be absorbed well, edible embryo rice is highly absorbable but easily oxidized, just like cut opened apple turns brown easily in the air (oxidized), oxidation increases with time.  Hence experts suggest the fresher the better of embryo rice, preferably hulled and eaten instantly.

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