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Post by Adam Evans   #122034    |    Dec 23, 2019, 8:41pm   |    Promotion
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In the era of the Internet dating sites and smart phones, many of the covenants of authors have ceased to be relevant. We are all inseparable from our phones. Men can reach us day and night. So, we have become easy prey. How to be? Not to refuse the benefits of civilization? Of course not! If you follow the rules, you can marry a prince.

Rule number 1: do not invite him
A man should contact you after the first date. If you try to artificially stimulate the relationship and write him a simple message: “Hello. How are you? Something you have not seen for a long time. Are you all right? Maybe we’ll go somewhere? ”Know that such a trick will not work. As well as “successfully” you got tickets for a game or a movie that he mentioned in a conversation. Women in love are very inventive on traps. But at best, this tactic will help prolong the relationship for a short time, and then the man will still interrupt them. Why? Because if he does not write or call, the relationship has ended for him. Perhaps he has already met a girl whom he really liked and whom he wrote first.

Rule number 2: take your time
You must set the pace of the relationship, therefore, if a new friend sent you the first message, do not rush to immediately answer it. Wait 4 to 24 hours. What stupidity - many will think. That's rough! Not at all. If you are from 20 to 25, most likely you study, work, and also go to yoga in a fitness club, hang out with friends. You have a lot to do, you do not live on your phone. Therefore, if an message arrives in the morning, finish daily activities and only then reply. Did the guy write in the middle of the day? For the evening you have plans, answer after dinner with friends. message came in the evening? Answer the next day. Evenings with you are always busy with more interesting things than looking at the screen of a smartphone.

Rule number 3: run away first
It is always necessary to disappear from the field of view first. What for? So that you do not have time to write or tell the guy about yourself too much and he would like supplements. Communicating on Facebook or via message, disappear from sight in 10-15 minutes, so that the man was forced to invite you on a date for further conversation.

Rule number 4: be silent in the night
You should not answer calls and messages after midnight. Girls who ignore this rule are asking for trouble: men call them at any time of the day, even at one in the morning, and sometimes intoxicated.

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