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Share Market: Don’t Let Your Emotions Ride Losses
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Post by ifmc institute   #120236    |    Jul 17, 2019, 3:12pm   |    Trading
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Share market is uncertain. If you forgot that market trends are perishable and nothing stays forever, then you are giving yourself a hard time. Manish Taneja Senior Analyst at IFMC Institute suggests 6 types of trading emotions in the stock market that people experience.


Stock market influence investor emotions significantly. It may come as a surprise to many of the stock market newbies that human emotions affect their profits and losses. There are many studies that show that the mass emotions impact on the national market performance. When people are happier when tend to make good profits while in sunnier days when people are negative, they end up losing.


The Cost of Being Human

Human Emotions Theory (HET) in the stock market studies the psychological behaviour affecting people by stock price change and shift in the market. Emotions stream in the conventional stock analysis technique depends on both technical and fundamental valuation to measure the optimal price levels for specific stocks.


When asked Manish Taneja (IFMC, Senior Research Analyst) about how people behave with negative emotions in the market he said, “Human emotions play a crucial role in the decision-making process. There gut feelings, tendency and readiness harm the mental power”.


In fact, different emotions correspond with particular actions.  For instance, just a feeling of fear can trigger an investor in a survival situation to pull out of the stock market in a downturn. Here are 6 trading emotions in the stock market you don’t let to go off


6 Trading Emotions in Stock Market


1.      Anger: Do you ever find you're screaming loud at the screen? Or complaining about the market? Anger is a common emotion found in 98.9% of traders and investors. The anger emotion can destroy your trading belief.

2.      Greed: Here is a situation you can easily relate. What happened when you see trade doing well? Can you picture yourself in new sports care? You start thinking that if you could just make 50% more of what you have invested in the market then you can buy luxury. But what happens when the profit disappears and your trade sinks? This is greed emotion.

3.      Fear: Fear is an imperative response to emotional danger. It has a powerful root in human evolution. If people do not feel fear they cannot protect themselves. Every investor or trader has a fear to lose money. This can make you skip a perfectly valid trade. It might also make you take a small loss on a trade. Later you realize that trade was giving a huge profit, you were all the time taking a correct step of entering a stop loss which was never taken out.  Thus, fear is a distressing feeling induced by a perceived threat to lose.

4.      Frustration: How many times do you ask yourself why did you not buy it? Why do I lose trades or not win? These are a few common questions a trader ask oneself in response to emotions. Frustration is a common emotions response to opposition related to annoyance and anger. This can cause disappointment. Frustration can yield to destroy motivation, besides, can lead to failure.

5.      Disparity: There can be times when you get overconfident with a trade. The disparity is an emotion between how great you think you are and how you actually perform. And by the end, you probably get surprised by how often you lose. Many times a trader give up a trade just because they do not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

6.      Pain: Pain is a feeling triggered by emotions such as fear or greed. It is often caused by intense or damage. If you learn to deal with all your emotions you will never experience pain as this is tough to take and cure it of a pill. Seeing your hard earned money get lost in the market is an emotion of pain.


Complete Risk-Free With Stock Market Course in Delhi

Every investor or trader experience one or more above mentioned emotions. Our emotions are the biggest driver of our investment decision. Many of them experience them all on a daily basis so it is therefore very important to deal with these emotions. Dealing with these emotions requires mastering of subject and practice.


Join a stock market course in Delhi at IFMC Institute and learn how to control your emotions and stop your chances to fail. Do not let your emotions come in the can to your career in stock market.


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