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Post by Administrator   #111157    |    May 28, 2018, 11:11pm   |    News
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28 May 2018

Motorists driving to get into Lorong Perbandaran from Jalan Raya Barat in south Klang. – Filepic
Motorists driving to get into Lorong Perbandaran from Jalan Raya Barat in south Klang. – Filepic

LORONG Perbandaran off Jalan Raya Barat in Klang will be closed permanently by the Klang Municipal Council (MPK), citing security reasons.

The 350m-inclined slip road lets motorists to exit onto Jambatan Kota via Jalan Perbandaran and vice-versa.

MPK president Mohamad Yasid Bidin said there has been a lot of minor thefts in Lorong Perbandaran, particularly at the council carpark.

“We are planning to build a perimeter fence from the foot of the hill (to enclose) the council’s buildings there (MPK and Dewan Hamzah).

“There will be two guard posts at the foot of the hill and at Jalan Perbandaran entering Lorong Perbandaran,” he said.

Mohamad Yasid added that the public would soon have to get an official tag (from the guard house) to gain entrance if they want to enquire on council services, use the hall, settle bills or meet council staff or councillors at MPK.

On Feb 3, Lorong Perbandaran was closed to the public for the council to build a gabion wall and strengthen the gradient that meanders up the hillock. It is still off limits to motorists.

Bhagat said motorists should not be denied access into Lorong Perbandaran. – Filepic
Bhagat said motorists should not be denied access into Lorong Perbandaran. – Filepic

Mohamad Yasid said another problem was the public parking their vehicles at the free carpark meant for the council’s customers.

He added that motorists could use alternative routes to get to MPK; for example, those exiting south Klang can drive 1km to Jambatan Musaedin to exit Klang or use the Bulatan Simpang Lima to Jambatan Kota.

Lee Wee Cheong, 90, said people were unhappy with the proposed permanent closure of Lorong Perbandaran because it has become a public right of way.

“One man cannot decide to close it. It is an important decision that needs to be tabled at the council’s full board meeting for discussion.

“They need feedback from Klang’s traffic police and the people before making a decision,” he said, adding that MPK should open the road for public use.

On the issue of safety, Lee said incidents of car thefts were rare.

“It has happened but behind the MPK building. Enforcement officers must patrol the carpark behind the office including outside Dewan Hamzah.”

Pensioner Bhagat Singh said motorists have been using Jalan Perbandaran for decades.

“The unfenced portion of the road has been incorporated in the surrounding development before the 1970s and motorists should not be denied access,” he said.

Bhagat said while the closure would help in barring lorries from entering the slip road, it would be difficult to ease traffic dispersal during rush hours.

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