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Post by Administrator   #111157    |    May 11, 2017, 9:36pm   |    Food
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11 May 2017
Samsudin attending to a customer at his stall in Taman Palm Grove, Klang.
Samsudin attending to a customer at his stall in Taman Palm Grove, Klang.

CURRY puffs are a teatime favourite among Malaysians. Deep-fried in hot oil until golden brown, the light and crisp pastry crumbles easily with each bite.

One particular stall in Klang that is known for its chicken curry puffs is Warung Pak Din in Taman Palm Grove.

The stall is situated between two bungalows at the intersection of Jalan Ladang and Jalan Pinang.

The business started in 1975 as a stall near its current location, and took on the name Warung Pak Din in 1979.

Warung Pak Din in Taman Palm Grove, Klang.
Warung Pak Din in Taman Palm Grove, Klang.

The stall has evolved into a roofed eatery with chairs and tables where you can sit comfortably and enjoy an assortment of sweet and savoury kuih.

Owner Samsudin Daud, who is known for his signature chicken curry puff and pisang goreng, is warm, friendly and soft spoken and always ready with a smile when he greets customers.

“In 1975, it was just a stall where my wife sold some Malay kuih. At that time, I worked at the Klang Port Authority. But, on seeing that one could make a good income selling teatime snacks, I resigned and focused on developing the business,” he said.

Samsudin, 63, now manages the eatery while his sons and daughters run the business.

“We have 50 varieties of local Malay kuih, all kinds of noodles, desserts and beverages.

“Our place is packed with repeat customers who love the curry puffs prepared with curried potatoes and bite-sized chicken meat,” he said.

Samsudin Dauds son Muhd Muhaimi, 25, creates the watermelon ice kacang at Warong Pak Din.
Samsudin’s son Muhd Muhaimi, 25, putting together the ‘ais kacang tembikai’.

Asked how he came up with the recipe, Samsudin said: “I am a Kedahan, and I used to take the train from Klang to Butterworth where an Indian Muslim man on the train sold delicious curry puffs.

“I always bought his curry puffs which were filled with curried mutton.

“In the late 1970s, curry puffs sold in Klang and Port Klang had prawns and sardine but not chicken. So, I decided to come up with curried chicken filling.

“It was an experiment, where a combination of herbs, dried chillies, ginger, fenugreek and aniseed went into the filling to create the flavour and taste that people in Klang could enjoy,” he added.

Samsudin said no one could resist a good curry puff and his version was popular with locals.

Some even place orders for parties.

‘Pulut panggang’, one of the savoury snacks available at Warung Pak Din.
‘Pulut panggang’, one of the savoury snacks available at Warung Pak Din.

Among the varieties of kuih sold are pisang goreng, kuih lapis, kuih keria, sago, ketayap, cekodok, lopes, keledek goreng, sukun goreng and pulut panggang.

He also has ais kacang tembikai served with large balls of watermelon and an assortment of noodles cooked in different styles.

Pak Din’s stall is open throughout the week from 11am to 6pm except Friday.

For details, call Pak Din on 019-374 6735.

Source: The Star Online
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