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Post by SMIHL (Admin)   #114822    |    Apr 09, 2018, 8:45pm   |    Health & Wellness
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Diploma in Aromatherapy (UK)
QAN 600/5505/4

Graduate with a UK accredited Diploma in Aromatherapy and become a qualified aromatherapist today.
New intake in April/May 2018. 
Application for partial funding / scholarship available for eligible individuals. Please contact the office.

Learn more about us and the course from our website: www.sandhyamaargainstitute.org
or learn more about this course by clicking here.

You may also contact us at 018-205 1255. (WhatsApp available)

Plants have potent medicinal value and have been used since thousands of years by different ancient civilisations such as the Indians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and the Egyptians as a cure against illnesses. They have also discovered that plants are good cosmetic ingredients and the different scents can allow them to be made into perfumes.

Aromatherapy does not only dabble with scents that will help you balance your body, mind and spirit. The use of essential oils is a major aspect of Aromatherapy practice and because the oils are potent, their healing properties are also magnified. These oils may be used in many different ways to provide relief to many physical and emotional discomfort. The medicinal use of essential oils is traced back to Rene-Maurice Gattefossé whereby he discovered that the burn on his hand could be treated effectively with Lavender oil. During World War I, Jean Valnet also used essential oils as antiseptics.

This course will not only teach you the healing properties of a wide range of plants and herbs, but also how each is processed and prepared, and how they can be used safely for various applications. Students will benefit learning special techniques from the founder of our Academy, who is also the founder of the Pyranergetic Technique (a unique healing technique using essential oils to direct the flow of Qi/Praana) to promote and aid healing and well-being.

Learning Approach
Students will be guided through the course to understand how the body works and the connection each organ shares with another. The course will also introduce the healing properties of a wide range of plants and herbs, and how each is processed, prepared and how one can use them safely. Students studying this course will be encouraged to think holistically; how the properties of each herb may influence how the body works. Extensive practical training is also a prerequisite for this course. From learning Aromatherapy massage to making your own creams with Essential Oils, this course covers it all.

Training: Clinical training in a hospital

Location: Klang / Kuchai Lama / Seremban / Penang

What else do we offer?

Click on the links below for more information about our other UK accredited courses:

More photographs from us:

aftab hassan   #118417   
01 September 2018, 7:17:43 pm
Are you serious, you are offering Diploma in Aromatherapy? That is amazing i wasnt expecting to see that here at all, like more like ca.edubirdie.com plagiarism, i thought i would get something like that here, but i guess not !
21 September 2018, 1:03:08 pm

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