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Post by Administrator   #111157    |    Aug 03, 2017, 4:15pm   |    Food
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03 Aug 2017
Teo’s sambal onion chicken is best eaten with rice.
Teo’s sambal onion chicken is best eaten with rice.

CHICKEN is one of the most versatile of meats.

It can be enjoyed grilled, roasted, stir-fried, deep-fried, added into curry and even cooked in sambal.

One particular chicken dish I enjoy is the sambal onion chicken at the Multi Fry stall.

The sambal has a mixture of chillies cooked with ingredients such as belacan, ginger, herbs, shallots, palm sugar and lime juice.

Teo Cheng Tat, who was looking for fresh ideas for healthy meals, experimented with several recipes before settling on his favourite dish – sambal onion chicken.

“Sambal is popular among Malaysians and you can add different meats into it,” he said.

Teo and his wife Tay at their Multi Fry stall. — Photos: LOW BOON TAT/The Star
Teo and his wife Tay at their Multi Fry stall. — Photos: LOW BOON TAT/The Star

“Sambal onion chicken is best enjoyed with plain rice.

“I use a mixture of fresh chillies, dried red chilies, garlic, shallots together with belacan and blend it into a paste.

“The chicken is stir-fried for three-minutes with the sambal paste and then, I add fresh onion rings to tone down the spiciness,” added Teo who has been cooking from the age of 14.

He added that the chicken dish is mildly spicy and some customers love it with cold beer.

Teo, 38, honed his cooking skills by learning from various cooks at the restaurants he worked in including his sister-in-law’s seafood eatery in Kepong.

Teo in action in his kitchen.
Teo in action in his kitchen.

Teo’s stall at the 168 Kopitiam in Klang offers more than 50 dishes including fried rice, fried noodles savoury fish, squid, mantis prawns and shrimps.

Sambal onion chicken with rice is priced at RM8.

Teo is assisted by his wife Esther Tay Sook Hooi, 32.

“Chicken meat can be paired with different ingredients and flavourings to make a delicious meal,” she said.

The Multi Fry stall is open from 5.30pm to 10.30pm and is closed once a fortnight, on Thursdays.

For details, call 017-301 7198 (Tay).

Source: TheStarOnline
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