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Post by Vu Truong   #121558    |    Nov 19, 2019, 11:47am   |    Health & Wellness
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Effective running needs a good pair of running shoes. But choosing a good pair of running shoes for treadmill is not everyone knows. In addition to your shoes must be the right size, fit feet, go comfortably, you also need to consider a few other factors.
A pair of running shoes is rated as good if it suits you. Match your interests, goals and practice style. A running shoe is always in the top favorite shoes or the best running shoes that does not mean that it is suitable for you and you have to choose to buy it. It gets to the top just because it is suitable for the majority of people taking the survey or making up the majority of the responses. So deciding on what running shoes are good for you is up to you. And there are some factors you should remind to choose your best running shoes for treadmill.

Listen to your feet

After all, understanding your feet is the most important factor because terrain or distance are only external factors. If you meet the two, but don't fit your feet, it makes no sense. Observing the movement of the ankles and sole will give you a lot of suggestions to choose the right shoes.

Motion control running shoes

Motion controller running shoes for treadmill designed for runners with heavy overpronate (flat feet). Designed to reduce or control excessive rolling action of the foot and provide additional shock absorption, they are often the hardest structural shoe.

Running shoes support cushioning

Running shoes with cushioning support are important for runners with high arches, underpronates, or feet that don't roll enough in or out too much when on the ground. Rolling your foot in helps your feet absorb shock every time you touch the ground, otherwise it will affect your joints and spine. Additional cushions are designed to help reduce shock by mimicking natural processes.

Stable running shoes

Stable shoes provide cushioning, support functions, and durability as a combination of motion control shoes and cushioned shoes. They are designed to prevent excess movement of the feet and ankles without limiting too much movement.

Light running shoes

As the name implies, lightweight running shoes are usually lighter, thus more flexible. Light shoes tend to be accompanied by reduced weight and more flexible cushioning. Often paired with a "minimalist" minimalist design that makes you feel like "no shoes" with cushioning to protect your feet. Light shoes will reduce fatigue and pain after running, as well as being extremely comfortable.

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