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Post by KT    #111189    |    Oct 24, 2013, 12:57am   |    Entertainment
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はなびし カイ   #112663   
25 March 2014, 11:01:39 pm
He forgotten... typical auntie driving style...
drive very fast in housing area fetching neighborhood kids to school. Yeah illegally doing bas sekolah job... driving a mpv car and turn without looking the side road... so many times they almost hit other drivers and got few times i witness an auntie almost hit one uncle riding a motorbike... that uncle fall down because he tried to avoid that car... and that auntie doing most famous sign... take her hand up and say sorry sorry without unwind the windows... who the hell can hear you? u stupid ka? then smile and treat this thing is non of her business and speed up again (at least 60km per hour speed in housing area...) i did chase that auntie with my car... once she trapped between a stopping car... i get down and scold that auntie... do you know what is the answer from that auntie? "did i hit him? no right? that uncle fall on his own... he dunno ride motorcycle... i already show a sign that i am sorry... i drive longer than u live la boy... i drive my problem... call police catch me la..." this is typical auntie... Jinny Boy... i think your video have not shows all the typical drivers yet...
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