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Post by Pari Komal   #117782    |    May 16, 2018, 11:46am   |    Entertainment
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The month of Ramadan, the month of Rahmatu and Kharkas, will start from May 17. The moon of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak will be seen on May 16. However, it is still dependent on the moon that the month of Ramadan starts from 17 or from May 18.

In this holy month of Ramadan, people of Muslim society keep fast from morning to evening. In the morning the sun is taken just before the sun rises and in the evening it is done after the sun is set in the evening.

The first rosa will be more than 14 hours, while the longest Rosa will be 15 hours and 6 minutes on June 14. Roses will start before the morning of May 17. In place of the mosques, the work of cleanliness and color lining has also started. Due to falling in the roja summer, this time the workers will suffer more than the sun's heat compared to the last time.

This time, on the two dates of Ramadan, the first zuma will be. On this day, the English date will be 18th May. While the second zuma will be on May 25, third on July 1, fourth on July 8, and the last Juma, July 15. Eid ul Fitra will be celebrated on 16th June when the moon appears on the Islamic month of shawwal. However, the date of the moon can decrease this date one day.

Ramzan is divided into three parts

Month-e-Ramjan Mubarak is divided into three parts. The first volume is from 1 to 10 roses, which states that it is a period of mercy (mercy). On the other ten days there has been a contract to save the majafirat (forgiveness) and the last part of the hellfire (hell).

Also Read - http://quoteswishesms.com/ramadan-status/

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