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By jonah naks   #122152
Apr 13, 2020, 1:20pm  | 46,073    0

hp printer support number

One of the widely used printers is an HP printer that is used for printing, scanning, and copying the documents. But there are times when you may confront error while using these printers, and one such error is the HP printer not activated error code 30. This error can be quickly resolved, but if you don’t want to resolve it on your own, then you can take the assistance of the experts to fix it. You can call hp printer technical support number that stays accessible round the clock to assist you in resolving the error code.

What causes HP printer error code 30 to occur?

If you ever come across this error code 30, while using your HP printer, then you need to understand it can because of loose cable connection, poor internet issue, or issue related with device driver of your HP printer. You can follow the below-mentioned blog to resolve this error code 30 in your printer.

How to solve HP printer not activated error code 30?

Steps that you need to follow while fixing the error code 30 in the HP Printer are given below:

*   Try to restart your HP printer

ü First, turn off your HP Printer.

ü Now remove all the USB cable attached to it.

ü Wait for some time, say, for example, 30 seconds.

ü Now reconnect the USB cable on your HP printer as well as your system.

ü Then you have to connect the power cable on the wall outlet.

ü Turn on the printer and system.

ü Once the printer is turned on, give the test print to check whether your printer is printing or not.

*   Reinstall the HP Printer

ü You need to remove all the power cable from the printer and then open the Windows of your system.

ü Now click on the Programs and Features> Devices and sounds > Printer and Scanners

ü Click on the name of your printer and uninstall it.

ü Once it is removed, attached the printer cable and then searched for the new device.

ü If the name of your HP printer appears, click to install it.

ü Once the printer is installed again, then restart your system.

*   Reinstall the latest device driver of HP Printer

You have to make sure you have the latest version of the HP Printer device driver installed on your system.

ü First, try to turn on your HP printer.

ü Now go and open the HP Customer Support online page on your system.

ü Then click on the option Software and Driver Downloads.

ü Now you have to click on the Download option that is present on the In the Driver section.

ü Click to download the latest version of the device driver.

If the problem persists, even after implementing these troubleshooting steps, then you don’t need to lose your cool as you can fix the issue efficiently by taking the help of the experts via hp printer customer service that stays available round the clock in 24 hours.



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