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By Wallace McBroom   #123853
Apr 04, 2020, 10:32pm  | 48,486    0

Libonomy is one of its kind blockchain that has achieved the goals of innovation and creativity with great success. The kind of innovation it advertises attracts and reaches out to masses that have the knowledge that the system is fulfilling its role of greatness. Many only talks about a new  of blockchain system but Libonomy is on its road to fulfill that ideology already. The uniqueness of any organization becomes its trademark and the uniqueness of Libonomy is that it offers its clients to explore beyond their imagination and think out of the box. The specialty Libonomy Blockchain is that it does not use the previous consensus algorithms that have been used for a very long time.

These consensus algorithms have their own drawbacks and Libonomy believes in providing an error-free consensus engine that has been architectured carefully. It uses the Artificial Intelligence consensus algorithm, an automated computer generated engine that saves energy, time and gives high speed of the transaction. The system being generated through AI is safe from any human corruption and it is fully decentralized that it endorses complete transparency as well. The exclusivity of Libonomy is not the only commendable factor of it but the stability that it offers on its many platforms as well. Libonomy pioneers in providing safety and security to all its clients that use it with great trust. It is a cost-effective platform that believes in giving the best to its clients only. It saves the energy of resources and time of its clients so that everything is carried down effectively and efficiently.

Libonomy Blockchain Technology

Computing Power Ratio

Computing power ratio is the ratio of calculating the force of a node to calculating the force of the whole network

Exploit Finding Nodes

EF Nodes guarantee the security of the network. These nodes will be put off the network if any false nodes are found in the power pool.

Maintenance Nodes

Maintenance Nodes are backup nodes that are pulled out and assigned to their respective pool. AI engine will kick out the nodes from either pool, in case of a corrupt node.

Audit Nodes

Audit nodes will carry out the auditing of the pool on a constant basis. If any of the power nodes fail to fall within the threshold assigned by the audit nodes, the node will be removed from the network.

Virtual Voting

Every node in the network can spread signed information to its randomly chosen neighbors. With virtual voting, each node can determine if a transaction is valid, block upgrade and threshold upgrade.

The above implementation plan of the Libonomy Blockchain fully considers the operation needs of the development of consensus algorithms, the building process of a Blockchain with AI engine and the ability enhancement process of the Blockchain community, so as to make the Libonomy Blockchain available as soon as possible, popularize it in the community and carry out the process. Also, gradual improvements will take place in the Blockchain through constant iteration and upgrade.

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