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By name op   #124025
Apr 14, 2020, 2:06pm  | 47,917    0

past of nawazuddin siddiqui

he belongs to UP, INDIA. since his childhood he wants to become actor. he decided to went delhi and learn acting skills from national school of drama.

after that he came to mumbai, looking for job in bollywood industry as an actor but he has to play a role of less than 1 min. 

he never give up and continue his hard work and day by day improving his acting skill.
we talk about his past that he never got what he deserves because of his look. he was not handsome and we all know that without become handsome it's almost impossible to become actor in bollywood

he sings movie series named gangs of wasseypur in 2012. these web series known one of the most gangster movie of indian cinema.

these movie series got famous in india and after that he never looked back.

if you are fan of nawazuddin siddiqui i have gift for you i make list of popular and best movies of nawazuddin siddiqui like sacred games and gangs wasseypur click here
as you know after sacred games the trend of web series in india is rapidly grow. 

famous web series of nawazuddin siddiqui

  1. sacred games
  2. gangs of wasseypur
  3. mcmafia

famous movies of nawazuddin siddiqui

  1. raees
  2. bajarangi bhaijaan 
  3. genius
  4. badlapur
  5. thackeray
  6. kick

information are taken from nawazuddin siddiqui web series

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