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Post by deepak isols   #122444    |    Jan 16, 2020, 8:07pm   |    Health & Wellness
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A heart transplant is a surgical procedure done by the heart surgeons that is used to treat the most of the serious cases of the heart disease. This is a treatment option for those people who are at the end stages of their heart failure. Some of the procedures like medication, lifestyle changes etc haven’t succeeded. People must consider the specific criteria for the procedure of the heart transplant in India.

Heart transplant is done to those candidates who’ve experienced some kind of heart disease or heart failure due to the variety of causes that includes a congenital defect, coronary artery disease, a valve dysfunction or disease or a weakened heart muscle, or cardiopulmonary.

Even if the person has one of these conditions, there are still some more factors that are used to determine the person’s candidacy. The following factors will also be considered:

·         The person’s age. Most of the prospective heart recipients must be under 65 years old.

·         The person’s overall health. Multiple types of organ failure, cancer, or other serious medical conditions may take the person off a transplant list.

·         The person’s attitude. One must commit to changing their lifestyle. This includes doing exercise, eating the healthy food, and quitting smoking if the person smokes.

If the person is determined to be an ideal candidate for a heart transplant, then their name will be put on a waiting list until a donor of the heart that matches their blood and tissue type is available for transplant. An estimated of 2,000 donor hearts become available in the United States country each year. Yet there are still approximately 3,000 people that are on the heart transplant waiting list at any given time. When the heart is found for the person, the surgery is performed as soon as possible while the organ of the person is still viable. The heart transplant in India is usually done within four hours.

During that time, the person will be placed on a heart-lung machine to keep their blood circulating throughout their body. The heart surgeon will remove the person’s heart, leaving the pulmonary vein openings and also the back wall of the left atrium intact with it. They’ll do this to prepare the person to receive the new heart. Once the surgeon stitches the donor heart into the place and the heart begins beating once again, the person will be removed from the heart-lung machine. In most of the cases, the new heart that is donated will begin to beat as soon as the flow of blood is restored to it. Sometimes an electric shock is also required to prompt the heartbeat of the person.

After the person’s surgery is finished, they will be taken to the intensive care unit that is ICU. The person will be constantly monitored, given the pain medication, and also outfitted with the drainage tubes in order to remove the excess fluid from their chest cavity. After the first day or two after the heart transplant, they will most likely to be moved from the ICU. However, the person will remain in the hospital as soon as they continue to heal. The person’s hospital stays range from one to three weeks, based on their individual rate of recovery. They will be monitored for infection, and their medication management will begin as soon as they are shifted to ICU. Anti rejection medications are crucial for the person to ensure that their body doesn’t reject their donor organ. The person may be referred to a cardiac rehabilitation unit or centre to help them adjust to their new life as a transplant recipient. The recovery of a person from a heart transplant can be a long process. For most of the people, a full recovery can easily span up to six months.

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