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Post by crystalyip   #114289    |    Feb 25, 2015, 11:45am   |    Digital & IT
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Nowadays charger is very expensive, but free charger do you seen before? In particular, this is worth mentioning solar charger can charge for free, but also easy to carry everywhere. This new technology absolutely not to be missed.


This solar charging device supports micro USB interface, smart phones and Apple Dock connector iPhone smart phone, but does not support iPad charging.


Output power is 5.0V- + 0.2V and its weighs only 600g or 0.6kg. Price nowadays sold with only RM26.46.


As long as the charger put under the sunlight, then the battery will absorb sunlight till fully charged, the following are the steps of the solar charger.


1. Please give your backup power charging before use.


There are two ways you can choose from:


A. iPhone Solar Electric placed in the sunlight, the red indicator light, then the solar emergency charger built-in battery is being charged.


B. The Solar Electric iPhone iPhone USB cable connected to your computer via the USB port, you can use the computer USB port to the iPhone solar electrical appliances. Red indicator light, then the computer USB port is on the iPhone Solar Electric built-in battery, the red light quench, charging end.


2. Open the front flip, it is direct connect to your iPhone, IPOD or other digital products.


3. From your mobile phone or other digital products will be seen IPOD is charging, charging at the same time, you also can use the phone to make a call.


For details, see

solar power bank

billy guns   #117153   
22 September 2017, 4:26:08 pm
Portable solar chargers are used to charge mobile phones and other little electronic devices in a hurry. Chargers available today use different types of solar panels, ranging from Write my Assignment for me Online thin film boards with efficiencies from 7-15% (amorphous silicon around 7%, CIGS closer to 15%).
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