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Post by Administrator   #111157    |    Dec 20, 2017, 11:19pm   |    Food
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Image may contain: outdoor

About a week ago (Sat 09 Dec 2017), Zap Thai by Sab Sab+ held their outlet grand opening at their pioneer branch at Taman Klang Utama. That time admin boh eng (not free), so couldn’t make it. Then last Friday evening, so ngam admin got pass by their shop (along Persiaran Sungai Keramat, just off Jalan Kapar), so admin decided to kaypoh2 abit and drop by their shop to Testing 123 their food.


Since this is first time admin go to their restaurant, therefore admin was quite worried that cannot find their place, because their shop is actually quite a distance away from town area (roughly 7km / 15 mins drive from Klang Lembaga Tabung Haji building). But nasib baik got WAZE, so just need to look for “Zap Thai”… #ProblemSolved!!!!


First impression when reach their restaurant, it is very clean and relaxing. The restaurant is quite spacious, which means there’s a lot of space between each other (not like those Kopitiam outlets, where everyone has to sit so near each other macam sardine). They also have some nice wooden decorations put up to create that “zen” effect. Most important of all….the place is FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED, which is the most important criteria if you are planning to eat spicy food, LOL! :p

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, table and indoor

Spacious interior!

No automatic alt text available.

Wooden décor creates that “Zen” effect

The menu has quite a selection of decent Thai dishes…quite a number of dishes to choose from! Since admin is new to this place, therefore we had a tough time deciding which dishes to order. So at last, we just ask the taukeh to kai siaw (recommend) their most popular dishes to us.


The following is what the taukeh recommended:



Image may contain: drink and indoor

Clockwise from top left: Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Milk Tea, Thai Coffee, Thai Lemongrass

The first items to arrive at our table are the drinks. We had the Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Milk Tea, Thai Coffee and Thai Lemongrass.

Thai Milk Tea is basically the normal milk tea in Thai style, while Thai Green Milk Tea is almost the same as Thai Milk Tea, but using green tea instead as the base. Thai Coffee is basically kopi, but with Gula Melaka to give it a more unique taste! Thai Lemongrass is basically serai drink served with a slice of lemon, which is perfect as a refreshing detoxing drink!


Out of the 4 drinks above, admin personally recommend the Thai Green Milk Tea and Thai Lemongrass…MUST TRY! And the Thai Coffee with the unique Gula Melaka taste as well!


According to the taukeh, all their drinks are self-made using their secret recipe.


Image may contain: food

Fried Chicken with Thai Herbs (non-spicy)

Image may contain: food

Fried Chicken with Thai Herbs punya sos

The first dish to arrive at our table was the Fried Chicken with Thai Herbs. This is basically chicken fried with ginger, garlic and some Thai herbs and spices to give it that wonderful fragrance. This dish comes with some cabbage salad dressing.


This fried chicken is not the usual ayam goreng that you would expect…while other fried chicken dishes focuses on the crispiness of the skin, this one focuses on its fragrance instead. Therefore, do not expect this dish to give all that crispy *krup krap* sound in your mouth.


Zap Thai’s fried chicken has a unique taste to it and is definitely worth trying after you already sien (bored) with eating the same ayam goreng McD all the time! :p

Image may contain: food

Thai Fried Kailan with Salted Fish (non-spicy)

Next dish we got was the Thai Fried Kailan with kiam hu (salted fish). This wan you all must try….the kailan really CRUNCHY! If the fried chicken above no *krup krap* sound, this wan GUARANTEE got sound!

Image may contain: food

Thai Style Stuffed Omelette (non-spicy)

The Thai Style Stuffed Omelette was next. As its name suggests, it’s basically egg omelette fried with onions with some cabbage salad dressing underneath the omelette.


From the picture above, the omelette looks quite flat, but in reality, it’s actually quite thick and fluffy! If you have kids at the table, this dish is a MUST ORDER! The kids will love you for this wonderful golden-brown omelette dish!

Image may contain: food

Lime Steam Squid (spicy)

Then came all the SPICY dishes…. JENG JENG JENGGGG!!!!


First up, Lime Steam Squid! For all the sotong lovers out there, this dish is a MUST TRY! Fresh, juicy and tender sotong steamed with cili padi and garlic… all in a tantalizing sour + super spicy sauce! This wan guarantee will boost your appetite until level 999!


Image may contain: food

Deep Fried Fish Keang Som Thai Style (spicy)

Next up, Deep Fried Fish in Keang Som Thai Style! Keang Som is actually a Thai word for “Sour Curry”. This dish has a mild sour and spicy taste. The fish used for this dish is fresh and nicely fried! In terms of taste, this dish is quite close to our Malaysian Asam Pedas style of cooking.


Honestly, this Keang Som dish is something new for us, as we have never tasted it before. It’s worth a try if you are the type who likes to taste something new!

Tom Yam Seafood (spicy)

Last but not least…. Tom Yam Seafood! No Thai meal will be complete without the usual dose of Tom Yam Gong!


What we love about this dish is its presentation! It arrived at our table with the flame still burning brightly! Definitely will keep the kids entertained for the next 2-3 minutes, LOL!


According to the tauke, the tom yam paste that they used for this dish is their own creation, not those ready-made ones from supermarket. This is to ensure customers get to enjoy the authenticity of their Tom Yam dish.


However, we find that their Tom Yam dish is not sour and spicy enough. It also requires more serai to give it that right taste. Upon informing the taukeh, he assured us that they will make further improvements to this dish in the near future. For this, we give them TWO THUMBS UP!


Image may contain: food

Red Ruby – Before adding in santan

Image may contain: food and indoor

Red Ruby – After adding in santan

After eating all the spicy dishes, time to put out the fire….so admin ordered their Red Ruby dessert. This is basically a tong-sui (dessert) dish with the usual sago, atapchi and some super-sweet nangka! This was the perfect dessert for closing a wonderful Thai meal!

Image may contain: food


Other than Red Ruby, they also have other dessert, such as Pumpkin Custard, Mango Sticky Rice, Tako, and more!


Image may contain: people sitting, table and food

A meal fit for 4 pax!

Overall, Zap Thai is a decent place for those who are looking for authentic Thai food. This place is fully air-conditioned, which means it is perfect for families with kids, and even elders.


Admin did not get the chance to taste every dish on their menu, as our stomachs can only take that much food. However, we were convinced that they used fresh ingredients to prepare their dishes, which to us is a plus point! Also, the fact that they take the effort to prepare their own ingredients for their food and drinks (instead of buying the ready-made ones from supermarket) means they are really serious in dishing out authentic Thai food.


If you would like to give Zap Thai a try, admin will HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Lime Steamed Squid, Fried Chicken with Thai Herbs, Thai Fried Kailan with Salted Fish and Thai Style Fried Omelette. Not forgetting the Deep Fried Fish in Keang Som Thai Style with its own unique Thai taste!


For this round punya Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan expedition, admin can say that we are very satisfied with Zap Thai’s offerings and services.


Well done Zap Thai!!!

Zap Thai by Sab Sab+

Jln Sungai Keramat 9/KU6,

Taman Klang Utama,

42200 Klang, Selangor


Tel: 016-610 1144


Waze: Zap Thai

Landmarks: Pass AEON Big -> Hai-O -> Bata -> Speedmart 99 Office. Restaurant is nearby Econsave Klang Utama


Opens Daily: 11:00am- 10:00pm (break time 3pm-5pm)




For more information, please visit their Facebook page:


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